Table d'hôte

Food for the soul - delicious healthy food prepared with love and care... This is a fundamental part of the La Source experience. With beautiful organic fruit and vegetables, cheeses and other ingredients available from local markets and producers, you can be sure that you will eat well here. 


Start your day sitting on the terrace watching the sunrise while enjoying warm bread, croissants, butter, muesli, our homemade jams, fresh fruit, juices or smoothie and of course, tea or coffee.

Breakfast is included in the price with all rooms and group bookings.


We offer a superb table d'hôte with entrée, main course and dessert on Fridays, Mondays and Wednesdays (Other days by special arrangement and group reservations are always fully catered with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)

We are well known for unpretentious French farmhouse cuisine but we also delight in serving something more exotic - North African tagines, Japanese dishes, a paëlla cooked outside, pizzas from our own wood fired oven....

You need to book dinner in advance.  The price is 30 € with wine, 25 € without wine.  Our house wines come from the local cooperative at Alba La Romaine, made with untreated grapes and so are organic in all but name.  The wines may well include grapes from our own vines. They are, of course, delicious.

Special Diets

Even today, it can be hard to be vegetarian, yet alone vegan!  There is often little choice and what is offered is neither appetizing or attractive.

If you follow a special diet we want you to feel included and valued.  We are delighted to offer attractive mouth watering menus for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free etc.  Just tell us in advance what your needs are.  (If you are 100% Paleo, however we may need to charge a small supplement.)

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