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Silent meditation retreat

septembre 16 @ 16:00 - septembre 20 @ 16:00

200€ à 697€

For anyone craving a time out for restoration and self-reflection

Everyone should do a silent retreat at one time in their lives (although we recommend at least yearly!)  We need silence.  We crave silence.  We need that time when we close the door on the outer world.  A time for inner reflection, for renewal of our life values, or to prepare for change.  Held by the deeply peaceful ambience of La Source, we will create a discrete and supportive, non-religious structure of “Noble Silence” – the avoidance of unnecessary chatter while providing opportunities for guidance and teaching.  Expect guided and unguided meditation, mindfulness practices, time alone for self-reflection, time in nature.  How many times have you said, “I’ll do a silent retreat one day”?   The time is now.

Noble silence means that we are not forbidden to talk, but we gladly and willingly choose not to do so. There will be times when words are will be invited: such as during question and answer sessions and individual sessions with the guides. When words are called for we seek to make our speech concise, truthful and mindful.

Noble silence does not mean that we are just in our own bubble and ignore other participants.  A silent retreat is surprisingly companionable. But, you will learn a radically different way of being with others, one that is flowing and compassionate and free from expectations.

This is real time out. During the retreat, we will be offline.  There will be no internet and we will not have access to mobile phones or other devices.  You loved ones will have the centre’s number and email and can contact us in the case of an emergency.

On the first evening, after dinner, we will begin with an introductory session in to familiarise yourself with the routine for the following days and to raise queries and concerns. Noble Silence will begin at the close of this session.

Each day will follow a similar pattern.

We rise early for a first silent meditation session followed by breakfast.

In the morning we undertake a silent hike in the beautiful woods and hills around La Source.  This is a chance to practice moving meditation and to listen deeply to nature.

After lunch, there will be a silent tea ceremony a beautiful practice for cultivating mindfulness and awareness of the senses.

There will then be a guided meditation session in which you will receive instruction help you deepen your meditation practice.

Before dinner, there will be free time, to relax, to wander in the woods, write or just be with yourself in silence. During this time each of you will be invited to a short one to one session with one of the guides.  This is a chance to raise any concerns and receive individual guidance.  These sessions will short and to the point.  They will not develop into therapy sessions.

After dinner, there will b a final meditation session followed by a short talk or question and answer session.

We will then retire early to bed.

At the end of the retreat, we will meet for a final coming together, sharing cake, hugs…. and words.

The Venue

This workshop will be held at La Source, a 17th century farmhouse set amid vines and woods in the countryside of the Ardéche and now established as a retreat and wellbeing center.  Click here for more details.


Participants are accommodated in rooms of between two to four beds with shared bathrooms and WCs.


A high quality vegetarian Mediterranean style cuisine will be offered using local organic ingredients where possible. Vegan and gluten-free options are available on prior request.

Getting There

La Source is easily accessible from within France and abroad by road, train or plane. Please see our travel guide and do not hesitate to contact us for further guidance.

Your guides

Kalyani and Nick are experienced meditators who are not aligned with any single tradition. They have been leading retreats and workshops together for nearly ten years.

Kalyani leads people to awaken to the fullness of who they are, going beyond past wounds and trauma, and opening to the gifts of being alive as a spiritual being in a human body. Her offering together with Nick Hudis can be found on

Nick is an author and mentor committed to the path of self-cultivation whose inspiration is drawn from Eastern philosophy and spirituality, stoicism, and the martial arts. He supports people to live from their highest virtue as a force for good in the world, in their communities and relationships.


There are two payment options.

Option 1 – Early Bird Price (Available only until 16 August)

Total payable 647 €

200 € non-refundable deposit at the time of booking

Final non-refundable payment of 447 € by 16 August.

By booking early, you save 50 € on the standard price.


Option 2 – Standard Price (For bookings after 16 August)


Total payable 697 €

Payable in full at time of booking. (Non-refundable)


To Book

Please click on the button below to complete the online registration and payments process.



Début :
septembre 16 @ 16:00
Fin :
septembre 20 @ 16:00
Prix :
200€ à 697€
Catégorie d’Évènement:
Site Web :


La Source
Chemin Serre de Girard, Le Pelican
Le Teil, 07400 France
Téléphone :


Kalyani Ma Mukti
Nick Hudis


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Early Bird
 Total payable 647 € 200 € non-refundable deposit at the time of booking Final non-refundable payment of 447 € by 16 August.
10 disponible

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