Taoist self-cultivation and qigong

With Nick Hudis

The ancient wisdom tradition of Taoist self-cultivation offers amazing potential to support your wellbeing and path of growth.

I have be involved with Taoist practices since the age of 15. I have had the good fortune to study with some excellent masters but I make no claims to mastery myself. I continue to learn each day even though I have more than 40 years of experience in this domain.

I am honoured to guide you in the beautiful practices at La Source and online.

Nick Hudis

Taoism, the way of Nature

In living follow the way of nature

In meditation go deep in the heart

In relationships be gentle and kind

In speech be honest

In leading, be just

In business be skillful

In action, choose the right moment

Laozi - legendary founder of Taoism

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How Taoist cultivation can help you

Taoism is not a religion. It is an ancient wisdom tradition, which teaches us how to live in harmony with the Tao - the principles and cycles of nature.

Taoist practices cover the fields of wellbeing, medicine, meditation, sexuality and relationships, martial arts, the creative arts and much more.

Guidance in Taoist culture can support you in many ways.

  • keep you in good health and protect you from burnout
  • Connect you deeply with nature and the elements
  • Raise you energetic vibration and support your path and mission in this life

Taoist practices offered by Nick at La Source and online


Qigong is the cultivation of Qi or life force through the harmony of the body, the breath and consciousness.

With Nick you can take your first steps in Qigong, or dive deep in to this powerful and fascinating practice.

Taoist meditaition

Empty yourself, let your spirit be at peace. Let the ten thousand rise and fall and return to the source. To return to the source is stillness... the way of nature.

Find inner tranquility with these beautiful meditations.

Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine is the oldest system of healing in the world and offers incredible support to your wellbeing, by harmonising and strengthening you qi, or vital force. 

The I Ching 

feng shui and astrology

These esoteric practices offer a profound wisdom about how to live in harmony with nature, with your body and with the life purpose of your soul.

Five element


Your food is Qi, or life force. Balancing yin and yang and the five elements in your diet will ensure that what you eat is balanced for your constitution, your environment and the season.

This approach nourishes you spiritually as well as physically.

Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony is a meditation in action drawn from the Zen and Taoist traditions. Through the mindful sharing of a bowl of tea, we find harmony, reverence, simplicity and tranquility in our lives.  More information

Three levels of engagement


The first step in any Taoist practice is to stop, breath, return to the present moment and relax.

Just being at La Source on individual retreat and sharing our way of life, you will feel more connected with Mother Earth and aligned with the cycles of nature.

At La Source you can learn simple qigong exercises, enjoy a tea ceremony ,discover a way of being based on simplicity and balance... and find yourself again.

You can learn this simple qigong demonstrated here by Nick.


According to Taoist medicine, all illnesses and emotional problems are blockages or deficiencies in your Qi or vital force resulting from imbalances in your way of life.

Taoist medicine seeks to identify and correct the imbalances before they show up as an illness.

At La Source and online, Nick offers consultations and therapies such as San Bao massage,, diet, phytotherapy and more, to keep you in good health and rebalance your energy.

Nick's story

How qigong healed my burnout

In the 80s while in a very stressful job in the City of London, I fell into a serious burnout and chronic fatigue. What saved me and brought me back to good health was to return to my Taoist roots, particularly my practice of qigong. Read the story here

Nei Gong - inner cultivation

If you are already deeply drawn by Taoist cultivation and are ready to fully commit to this path, Nick offers apprenticeship-style accompaniment in nei gong Inner cultivation

Based on qigong and meditation but encompassing all the modalities and practices of Taoism, the path of nei gong involves the transformation of your sexuelle essence, and emotional heart energy into spiritual energy with tha aim of attaining union with Nature, with the universe and with tha Tao. 

This is the path Nick has followed for decades.

What clients say


Individual retreat

 The high point of my retreat

During a retreat of five days based on qigong and forest bathing, I studied Baduanjin qigong and aspects of Five Animal Play. Nick is a very patient teacher, who explains the exercises in-depth and has a gift to help you feel the essence of each movement. The high point for me was at the end of the retreat when we hiked to a beautiful place in nature and practised the Baduanjin together in silence, simply connecting deeply with the nature all around me.,


Qigong student

An amazing healing presence

I have been a qigong student and a Chinese medicine patient of Nick. Initially this was to help with the healing of a serious illness, but more recently for my spiritual growth and support my life goals. Nick's healing presence is amazing. He has a deep intuitive sense of where the qi is out of balance and what needs to be done to restore harmony.


Online qigong student

ADHA under control

I came to Nick seeking help with ADHA and other mental health problems. With Nick I learned Shaking Qigongecouer to free up the blockages of qi in my body and the Wuji Gong which helped me become calmer and more focused. Even with online sessions, Nick is capable of creating and radiating a healing energy field which envelops me and fills my body with light and feelings of wellbeing.

Frequent questions

What forms of qigong do you teach?

My teaching is adapted to the specific needs of each student. To create a programme for each student, I draw on traditional forms that have withstood the test of time. For beginners and intermediate students, this particularly involves the Baduan Jin, Five Animal Play, Wuji Gong, Dayan qigong and others. However, the accent is not on learning forms for their own sake but establishing the foundational principles of posture, breathing and awareness

Do you teach Tai Chi?

I practice tai chi and bagua in the style of Sun Lu Tang. However, given the level of commitment needed, I only teach these powerful energetic practices to more committed and advanced students.

Do you teach Taoist sexual energy practices?

Taoist sexual yoga, or dual cultivation, is a controversial practice. It has been popularised for the mass market in the West by Mantak Chia. My point of view is that these practices have their place, but are open to potentially harmful misunderstanding. I do not offer advice on this subject except to more advanced students in stable couple relationships. Please consult our couples coaching programme..

I have heard that Chinese medicine uses endangered species as medicines?

This lamentable practice was the case in the past. Here in Europe, the supply of Chinese medicines is strictly controlled and no authentic practitioner uses anything but plant materials from trusted suppliers. These materials are also certified for their purity and safety.

Do you teach martial arts combat applications?

Tai chi and bagua are martial arts and must be respected as such. In my teachings, I honour the martial spirit and teach with awareness of the martial applications, but I have no interest in competitive combat. I practice and teach these arts as a path of self-cultivation. If you want to learn combat applications, I am not the right teacher for you.

How is qigong different to yoga?

Qigong and yoga have much in common. They are both complete systems which cultivate wellbeing and spiritual growth. Both have been commercialised and misunderstood in the West. However, they are based on very different philosophies and consequently have a different energetic quality. As such qigong offers a different experience to yoga.

Pratiquez-vous l'acupuncture ?

I do not practice acupuncture. I have worked alongside many excellent acupuncturists and I had the privilege to teach for several years at the Northern College of Acupuncture. However I prefer to work with my hands and my energy through massage and medical qigong and find that they are at least as effective as needles.

Ready to taste Taoist cultivation

The best next step would be to come to La Source on an individual retreat and to dive deep into qigong and other practices.

Alternatively, Nick offers several of his practices online via a Zoom link.

In either case, send us a message using the contact form below or call us to organise a free 30 minute discussion to explore your objectives and determine what programme will suit you:

Contact us

For all enquires about individual retreats, group reservations, short breaks coaching sessions and wellbeing, please use this contact form or call us.

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An individual retreat at La source is a moment for you, far from the stress of your daily life, far from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, from from the complexities of relationships.

It is a time to find yourself, to nourish yourself and to rediscover what makes you feel alive and full of joy.

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